April 2015
Text and Image: Experience By Design

The pilot course featured on Designed Stories is titled “Experience by Design.” I developed this course for the Gordon IN Orvieto study abroad program in Orvieto Italy.


I taught the course in the Spring of 2015. The course description is as follows:

Referencing Orvieto as the main content and context, students will create a body of work that explores and represents their experience in Orvieto. Students will engage in creative problem solving and the practice of design to develop and make this body of work. The class will explore various ideation and visual research techniques in the preliminary stages of assigned projects (individual and collaborative) that will creatively probe such questions and concepts as: representation, memory, identity, text, and place. Projects will take the form of various artifacts that address relating elements of typography, images, writing, formats/structures, and site-specific contexts.

Gordon IN Orvieto’s curriculum emphasizes the relationship between “word and image.” Experience by Design was developed to creatively explore this relationship and interface of meaning. You are invited to view the course overview and the three projects to see the class activities, processes, and student projects.

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